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Rubber sheeting - standard grades

Commercial Quality: High resilient general purpose sheeting, with good tensile strength, abrasion resistance and resistance to many chemicals. Shore hardness 65 - 70 shore. Operational temperature range -40 deg.C to +80 deg.C

Neoprene: Increased resistance to ozone and oxidization. Good resistance to heat and abrasion with moderate oil resistance. Operational temperature range -20 deg.C to +100 deg.C.

Insertion: Synthetic fabric reinforcement gives added strength, tear resistance and tensile strength. Shore hardness 55 - 65 shore.

Shotblast: High tensile strength with excellent abrasion resistance. Shore hardness 30 - 65 shore. Available in black or tan.

Nitrile: Excellent resistance to oil and petroleum products. Good resistance to abrasion and heat. Operational temperature range -20 deg.C to +110 deg.C.

EPDM: Excellent resistance to oxygen, ageing, ozone and many chemicals. Good steam resistance characteristics, with excellent high - low temperature stability. Operational temperature range -40 deg.C to +120 deg.C. Available with Water Council Approval.

Butyl: Excellent resistance to heat, ageing, ozone and chemicals. Good electrical insulation properties. Operational temperature range -50 deg.C to +120 deg.C.

White Food Quality: Non-tainting rubber suitable for applications involving foodstuffs and drink. Available with FDA approval.

Silicone: Resistant to ozone, ageing, weathering and ultra-violet. Resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Heat resistant to +200 deg.C, or +350 deg.C with the addition of special additives. Available with FDA approval.

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